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“I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say ‘he feels deeply, he feels tenderly. ”

~ Vincent Van Gogh




There’s always a Little Truth behind Every “Just Kidding”,
A Little Knowledge Behind Every “I Don’t Know”,
A Little Emotion behind Every “I Don’t Care”,
A Little Pain behind Every “It’s Okay”.


drawing on paper

drawing on paper

Your body is away from me
But there is a window open
from my heart to yours.
From this window, like the moon
I keep sending news secretly.

watercolor on paper-selfportrait

watercolor on paper-selfportrait

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”
John W. Gardner



A good artist lets his intuition

“A good traveler has no fixed plans
and is not intent upon arriving.
A good artist lets his intuition
lead him wherever it wants.”

~ Laozi

drawing - portrait - a good artist

drawing – portrait – a good artist

Portrait Drawing-My Father

“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

Vincent van Gogh

Drawing - My father

Drawing – My father

“When I look at my life and its secret colours, I feel like bursting into tears.”

Albert Camus, A Happy Death

Watercolor on paper-A Happy Death

Watercolor on paper-A Happy Death

Everything Depends on You

You are as heavy as the ground pulls you,
As light as your wings flutter..
You are as alive as your heart beats,
As young as your eyes see distance…
You are as good as the people you love,
As bad as the people you hate..
Whatever the color of your eyebrows and your eyes are,
Your color is what the one facing you sees..
Don’t think that what you lived is what you gained:
You are as close to the end as you lived; however long you live,
Your life is as long as you love..
You are as happy as you can smile.
Don’t be sad, know that you will smile as much as you cry
Don’t think that everything is over,
You will be loved as much as you love.
The value nature gives you is in the rise of the sun
And you are as human as the value you give to the one facing you.
If you will lie one day;
Let the one you address believe you as much as the trust for you.
The longing for the loved one is in the moon light,
And you are as close to your love as you long for.
Don’t forget, you are as wet as it rains,
As warm as the sun warms you.
You are as alone as you feel alone
And as strong as you feel strong.
You are as beautiful as you feel beautiful..
This is life!
This is living,
You live as much as you remember this
When you forget this, you feel as cold as every breath you take
And you are forgotten as soon as you forget
A flower is as beautiful as it is watered,
Birds are as sweet as they chitter,
A baby is as baby as it cries.
And you know everything as much as you learn, learn this as well,


Portrait- Everything Depends on You

Watercolor portrait-Everything Depends on You





You don’t attach to one thing blindly
You don’t say ‘I cant live without her/him’
Don’t say it
Because you live.
It is not necessary to use such cliched words
Don’t love too much for example. If sHe loves you less, your heart will break
And usually, sHe loves you less than you love her anyway
If you don’t love too much, you won’t get hurt a great deal
If you don’t possess much, you won’t be possessed either..
You don’t possess the building you work in, the table, the telephone, your cards
Don’t even own your hands and your legs
You behave as if they are not yours.
Then if you don’t have anything, you won’t be afraid of losing.
You act as if you could live without them
For example, don’t have much furniture in your home
So you could walk clumsily around.
If you insist on having something
You will have the places where rooftops join the skies
You have the sky
Or the sun, the moon or even the stars
For example the northern star, it will be yours
You should say ‘It is mine’
If you insist on possessing something
Rainbows will be yours for example
If you want to belong to something, belong to the colours
For example to orange or to pink
Or you will belong to paradise
You have to live not possessing much
And not belonging to a great deal
You will live as if life will slip from your palms at anytime
And at the same time, it is yours forever.
You will live attached to life
By its edge

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