Kazakh ethno-rock band “Ulytau” was formed in 2001 with the aim to highlight and convey to the audience the beauty of folk songs, to promote among youth the art of playing the dombra and present the world the greatness of the Kazakh national heritage.

The word “Ulytau” in Kazakh language means “Great Mountain”. Group Ulytau “- a real breakthrough in the world and home of contemporary instrumental music that the band with such enthusiasm and drive, perform the works of the greatest composers, such as: Kurmangazy Dauletkerey, Tattimbet, N. Tlendiev, Bach, Vivaldi, Paganini.

The guys from “Ulytau” is equally passionate about how to find cover versions of classics and the works of Kazakh classics in their own interpretation of the rich – very compacted in sound and dramatically associate opus. They hear the gusts of wind of the steppe, mnitsya smell of sun-scorched grass, seen proud gait graceful thoroughbreds, the strict gaze of elders, mesmerizing mystery ceremonial rituals … Call it art, and “World Music”. By the way, virtuoso electric guitar riffs in “Ulytau” bring to mind similar exercises Ritchie Blackmore, and dynamic and very charismatic rumbling bass – Roger Glover. Musicians with talent inkrustiruyut traditionally bright sounding violins and distinctly focused – Kazakh national instrument dombra a rigid aesthetic of hard rock, blues and … relaxing New Age.GROUP ULYTAU