Hey, what’s that sound: Throat singing
A droning, pulverising sound of shamanic origin, this is ancient soul music from the east
What is it? A catch-all term covering different disciplines of extreme vocal technique from around the world, often recognised as a low, pulverising, drone-growl that western ears sometimes interpret as “scary”. But the history behind the throat singing traditions of Inuit tribes and the people of Siberia has strong cultural significance, and the overlapping, oscillating vocal tones (several different notes are produced in the mouth of one singer simultaneously) can be transcendent and beautiful.
Who uses it?
How does it work?
Where does it come from?
Answers are here… Hey, what’s that sound?

Radik Tyulyush who is touching people soul with his art with his great songs!!!

You can listen here his new album “Chalama“…Enjoy it!!